We Help Keep Your Business Running!

At Innovative Sewer & Scope Plumbing we specialize in keeping your business open and running by providing the services below. Additionally, Innovative Sewer & Scope specializes in preventative maintenance. Your life will be way easier knowing that a Preventative Maintenance Program will keep your business up and running smoothly year after year!

Commercial Plumbing Services


Sewer Line Camera Inspection

The technology that we have these days is just mind-boggling. Imagine having X-ray vision like Superman with the ability to see through walls or even 5 foot beneath dirt, gravel, and concrete into your drain pipes. Wouldn't that be great? Well, now we can, in high-definition color through a camera, fiber optic cabling, and a monitor. No more guesswork! A video camera will be able to identify grease build up, root intrusions, punctured, broken, corroded, offset, or off-grade pipe. Sewer line inspection is an often overlooked, highly valuable tool for potential home buyers to ensure there won't be any potential costly repairs and headaches down the road after purchase.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Sewer line grease buildup is bad for business. Sand, sediment, sludge, debris, and grease buildup can block the flow in your drain pipes. A catastrophe is just waiting to happen, shutting down your business. This is not good for you or your customers. Luckily, we have powerful water jetting technology to scour your sewer lines, cleaning the inside diameter of your sewer pipes. Everyone is happy because business stays open.

Your business may require monthly, semi-annual, or annual water jetting as required. We will maintain your sewer lines so you don't have to. Remember, clear and flowing drain lines makes for a happy business owner! Just like a happy wife makes a happy life, so true.

Water Leak Detection

We have the equipment to find those pesky water leaks that are costing you money 24/7.

Areas that can be detected include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Metal and PVC water pipes
  • Under concrete slabs
  • Below asphalt parking lots
  • Beneath landscaping, grass, dirt, etc.