Drain Cleaning Services


Our Cutting-Edge Services Clear Clogs Fast

Have you ever taken a shower and ended up standing in half a foot of water? Perhaps you’ve finished the dishes and notice the water has stopped draining? Or worse, you’ve come to find that your toilet no longer flushes?

In a perfect world, hair, grease, food, and other items wouldn’t find their way into our drains, but the reality is that our drains put up with a lot. Clogged and slow drains are common plumbing issues for home and business owners alike and if left untreated, these problems can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

For over a decade, the Fullerton drain cleaning experts at Innovative Sewer & Scope Plumbing have been helping prevent and clear clogs and backups with state-of-the-art technology. Call us today at (714) 504-5684 to schedule your service.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Imagine having the ability to see through walls, beneath dirt, and into concrete to see what’s going on in your drain pipes. We can do that! Thanks to the latest in video inspection technology, our Orange County & Fullerton plumbing technicians can identify grease build up, root intrusions, corroded pipes, and more. There is no more guesswork, allowing Innovative Sewer & Scope Plumbing to accurately solve any drain issues you may be experiencing.

Hydro-Jetting Service

In some cases, a simple cable rooter machine is all that is needed to clear your pipes. However, certain circumstances may need something more powerful. When it comes to the high-pressure hose used in hydro-jetting, tough clogs won’t stand a chance. As water scours your sewer lines, years of debris and buildup is quickly removed making your pipes as good as new.

Sound Advise

While some drain problems can’t totally be prevented, there are some steps you can take today to avoid issues in the future:

  • Don’t pour grease or oil down the drain. Instead, dispose in a sealed container and place in the trash.
  • Put drain strainers in bathroom or kitchen drains to catch hair, food, and various debris.
  • Don’t use your toilet as a trash can.
  • Avoid store bought drain cleaners as the chemicals can corrode your pipes over time. Should you experience a clog, contact us.
  • Schedule regular drain cleaning maintenance with a licensed Fullerton plumber.